Founder's Message:
Providing the best education and knowledge to the student is our duty. Producing a good citizen to this country is our responsibility for which we strive to provide the best. On the path of progress, education is the medium that can allow our country to not only conserve its culture but also simulate the minds of our newer generation and empower them to be at par with the citizens of other developed countries. Science and Technology will unleash progress that is beyond our imagination, and take us to a universal horizon beyond the boundaries of the world around.
We are determined to provide quality education to our students through the most modern educational facilities to make them financially empowered whilst shaping them into self- confident citizens of a modern India. Our institution strives to inculcate discipline and character building along with serious pursuit of knowledge utilizing the most advanced teaching practices and high moral standards.


Principal's Message:
The school can be considered as a congenial place of awakening of the child. Awakening to one’s own potentialities, to possibilities and the joy of learning and growing along with others. This requires a fundamental value of “search” in the ethos of the school. Usually in a school high priority is given to passing and securing high grades in tests and examinations and the least priority given to the process of learning -experimentation, discovery, questioning, identification of issues and problems and personal or team effort to resolving them. It is the skills of learning that will put the child on the path of continuous growth, build self-confidence to meet the small and big challenges it has to encounter in life and give a direction for finding the deeper dimensions of life and make its existence full, meaningful and joyous - a ceaseless adventure of search and discovery.
MPS creates a milieu for its students to experience the thrill of continuous growth by acquiring the skill of learning how to learn. It creates an atmosphere of search and discovery, experimentation and self-expression. Our challenge is to bring out the best in all our children and we continue to strive towards that.
- - Alistair Mario LaPorte .



  1. The teacher student ratio is 1:20
  2. Playground, Basket ball courts, Volleyball courts, Tennis Courts, Cricket pitch, separate qualified P.T instructors for boys and girls
  3. Open air stage
  4. Diesel generator for uninterrupted power supply
  5. Well equipped computer, physics, chemistry and biology laboratories
  6. Well stocked library with the service of a trained librarian. Access to prominent news papers and perioducals in various languages
  7. Infirmary with bed facility. Full time trained nurse and a doctor on call for emergencies
  8. Tie up with Bhanvi hospital and Queen Mary hospital for consultation with specialist, if necessary

Board of Trustees