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There is an intimate connection between the human mind and the moving spirit of the Universe. Education should be the means by which we can tidy up our minds, acquire information, as well as sense of values. It should impart to us that bent of mind, that attitude of reason, and above all that spirit of democracy which are enshrined in the Soul of India. It should give us the knowledge and wisdom to realize that our true virtue lies not in what we acquire, but in what we surrender. It is in self surrender that fortifies us. It should enable us to look upon humanity as something above all nations, make us realize that in this world no nation is immortal just no individual is immortal. Many civilizations have come floated on the surface and disappeared. What remains in humanity and let true education lead us to the soul of this humanity. There is lot of latent potential in every child. Each child has a separate entity. We at Mysore Public School, create innovative and progressive intellect, so as to do SWOT analysis of every student and ensure that all it works in his/her favor. We do not accept the philosophy that genius are born, instead we develop myriad of co-curricular activities along with a well-defined curriculum. This integrated program assists our students to master various skills. Our student centric approach is based on learning even beyond the world of classroom. In the modern world in which our young children are competing and shinning not only on the national but also on international forums, educational needs go far beyond the attainment of academic proficiencies. We ensure that our children are equipped with the power of discretion between right and wrong, with the distinct ability to demarcate knowledge attained and wisdom gained, through education. Our mission is to lead the child to self-discovery process through exposure and opportunity.

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